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Web-Based Version

Our web-based Application is crucial for Administrative and Management departments to track student and report.



Mobile application stabilizes and manage school administration procedures of all kinds without any hassle.


Real Time Information Flow

Communicate across all stakeholders with data being transformed into information for crucial data driven insights.

Competitive Advantages of +1 Smart School

  • 360 Degree Reporting, Analytics & Workflow.

  • Enhances Students and Teachers Productivity Leading to Higher ROI.

  • Easy & Seamless Integration with low learning cycles.

  • Real time Connectivity & Communication.

  • Low Price High Quality Solution.

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    A tailor-made curated school management software which includes everything your institution could require.

  • A disruptive hassle free cutting edge technology, which adds value across every step of the way.

  • Additionally, It is huge relief for schools as there is no need to have different resources to manage different software solutions.

Mobile App

Our White-Labeled Mobile Application for Schools is available in both the Google PlayStore as well as the Apple Store.


The +1 Smart School Solution ensures communications, interactions and key insights every step of the way.

    The solution ensures enhanced security, scalability as well as efficiency in cost structures.

    • Security
    • Flexibility
    • Mobility
    • Insight
    • Increased Collaboration
    • Quality Control
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Loss Prevention
    • Automatic Software Updates
    • Competitive Edge
    • Sustainability

Our Cloud Based solution provides you with the security you need whether you're turning up or down capacity.

Protect Student Records with end-to-end encryptions, with only the school having access to their own data.

  • Authentication and identity
  • Access control
  • Encryption
  • Secure deletion
  • Integrity checking
  • Data masking

    Insightful reporting, analytics, and work-flows leading to more effective and efficient decision making.

    • Student Reports
    • Attendance Reports
    • Teacher Reports
    • Financial Reports
    • Examination Reports
    • Report Cards
    • Behavior Reports
    • Chapter Wise Reports
    • Class Wise Reports
    • Many More

Key Benefits

Enhanced teachers’ productivity and data quality leading to high ROI.
Real-time parent-teacher-student connectivity through mobile apps and portals.
Integrations with 3rd party solutions such as online biometric, RFID, GPS, Payment Gateway, SMS, Email etc.
Detailed discipline and reward modules to ensure ideal behavior, which can then further be monitored through the timeline across all years of the pupil.
Implementation of safety protocols which guarantee tracking and transparency.
Enabling the schools to attain additional revenues through either the E-Store or the ancillary platform.
360 degree overview and reporting across all stakeholders.

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